The i4.0 strategy was built using a bottom-up strategy, listening through interviews, workshops and auditions, 88 companies – coming from 4 fields of business relevant to the Portuguese economy for their number and importance and their level of preparation for the technological adoption – as well as 25 other entities – of various kinds such as academic institutions’, institutes or associations – from April to June 2016, who proposed a set of measures to accelerate the adoption of industry 4.0 by national companies. This set of measures was then validated by a Strategic Committee, made up of several multinationals with i4.0 experience in their countries of origin, as well as other national entities and companies. This iterative process of sounding and validation resulted in the Industry 4.0 Program consisting of 64 public and private initiative measures, many of which are already being implemented.


(from april 2016 until january 2017)