The Industry 4.0 Program is an initiative of the Portuguese Government with the main objective of accelerating the adoption of industry 4.0 by the business community. Since April 2016 about 120 companies and entities have proposed a set of recommendations for this accelerated adoption. In January 2017, the Prime Minister, António Costa, announced a national strategy for Industry 4.0, an action plan consisting of 64 measures, both public and private. It is estimated that they will have an impact on more than 50,000 companies operating in Portugal and, in an initial phase, will allow to requalify and train in digital competencies more than 20,000 workers. Under these measures it is expected to be injected into the Portuguese economy up to 4.5 billion euros investment over the next four years. Many of these measures are already being implemented by various stakeholders.
COTEC Portugal is the entity responsible for monitoring the implementation of the measures and also for their updating, since the digital contexts change at a great speed.

«There is a paradigm shift in industry – in fact, across the economy. A Fourth Industrial Revolution is under way and will bring in digital technologies across all industries. This is the first industrial revolution in which Portugal’s geographic location does not handicap us. The investments in technological infrastructures, science and qualification made in this country over the last decade allow us to aspire to lead this change. This Government is committed to helping companies to be prepared to take advantage of the business opportunities that follow. That is why we have developed a strategy for digitizing our economy, and especially the industry – we call it Industry 4.0. This is not a digital strategy. It is the strategy for our country’s competitiveness in a digital world. All businessmen, workers and citizens are invited to participate. No company can stay behind. Let’s put our companies in a leading role in the new digital economy.»

João Vasconcelos